Grade Offer

It is defined as Grade, the educational credential granted by URACCAN as evidence that the person who holds it has successfully completed formal studies.

Grade Offer 2021


• Bilwi, Bluefields, Siuna, Bonanza and New Guinea.
• New Guinea
• Bilwi and New Guinea.
• Bilwi, Siuna, Waslala, Rosita


• Bluefields, Siuna, Rosita, Waslala, Bonanza and New Guinea
• Bilwi, Bluefields
• Bilwi and Bluefields
• Bilwi, Bluefields, Siuna, Bonanza and New Guinea.
• Bluefields and Siuna
• Bluefields
• Bilwi
• New Guinea, Waspam and Siuna.
• Siuna, Waslala and New Guinea
• Bilwi and Bluefields

Science of education with mention in:

• Bluefields, New Guinea, Siuna and Waslala.
• Bilwi, Waspam, New Guinea and Bluefields.
• Bonanza.
• Siuna and Bilwi.
• Bilwi, Bluefields, Waslala, Siuna and New Guinea.
• Bilwi and Waspam.
• Waspam.
• New Guinea.