URACCAN's young entrepreneurs develop eco-project Orchid Viewpoint
One of the enterprising students, planting an orchid in a tree at Los Laureles Laboratory.
José Garth Medina

More than 30 species of orchids at Los Laureles Natural Laboratory

An innovative project is being implemented in the Los Laureles Natural Laboratory of URACCAN, in its Las Minas campus, developed by fifth-year young people in Public Accounting and Auditing, as part of the subject Innovative Project, which this institution teaches its university students.

Students planted more than 30 species of orchid in the trees at Los Laureles Laboratory, which will beautify the site and serve research purposes. These exotic flowers were acquired from various student farms and from different municipalities.

Jenny Massiel Alaniz Salgado, one of the young entrepreneurs, reported that she and her peers are transplanting the orchids, which is an ecoproject called Mirador de Orquídeas, which will be appreciated by tourists when they arrive to visit the Natural Laboratory.

Alaniz Salgado also explained that the main objective of the project is that the population of Siuna, elementary and secondary students can reach that place and enjoy the orchids, some of which emanate pleasant smells and other flowers of admirable colors and shapes.

Consuelo Rodríguez, student of Accounting and Audit said that with this project culminate the class of Innovative Project I and II, taught by the teacher Aidalina Balladares. Rodríguez also noted that in the Natural Laboratory there is also the ecotourism center Los Laureles, where tourism will be promoted by exposing the orchid.

Teacher Aidalina Balladadares explained that the subject of Innovative Project I and II in the fifth year allows students to develop a project, choosing los Laureles Laboratory for its ecotourism purposes, giving it added value.

After concluding with the planting of all orchid species, their respective labels will be placed on them. Los Laureles Natural Laboratory is a green space that serves to promote teaching-learning processes, scientific research and development of innovative experiments and projects at URACCAN Las Minas.