Tacos Nicamex and Banana Flour, two innovative projects made by URACCAN students
The overall objective of the students was to contribute to the economy of the Caribbean Coast.
José Garth Medina

Prior to the project, young entrepreneurs did a market study.

Two innovative projects, Tacos Nicamex and Harina de Plátano, were presented by students of the fifth year of Business Administration to a jury composed of entrepreneurs, some of them graduates of URACCAN who have been successful in their businesses in Siuna.

Teacher Aidalina Balladares, professor of Business Administration, and teacher Aura María Gonzales, coordinator of the area of Economic and Administrative Sciences, as well as Ing. Joel Montenegro, coordinator of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Area, introduced innovative students from URACCAN.

Three of the students explained that Nicamex is a word that arise from the union of two countries Nicaragua and Mexico, Mexican tacos are famous, but the group decided to unite the two countries, but with Nicaraguan flavor.

For this reason they worked on the project with a market study and the viability of the business with or without financing, in addition they worked on the labels and the very original packaging using banana leaves.

Students also worked on a technical study that allowed them to define the size of the tacos.

The overall objective of the students was to contribute to the economy of the Autonomous Region of the North Caribbean Coast by marketing a healthy product to the population.

Similarly, another group of students presented the innovative Banana Flour project, which serves to make biscuits, atolls, empanadas and other products as an added value.

In this project also the students presented the whole process they did for the craftsmanship of banana flour, which is novel and very useful, since it has a very important demand in the community.

Elba Flores said that URACCAN trains enterprising men and women and that when they leave classes they are expected by a competent world and as such they must go out to generate jobs.

Esmir Antonio Bobadilla Alvarado, a student at URACCAN, said that the product they made was banana flour, but they also wanted to test other derivative products and be natural without preservatives and without chemistry and that it lasts for the long term.  

URACCAN graduate José Daniel Rivas Jarquín said that the experience of seeing that there are young people motivated to want to get ahead is very nice.

The presentation involved the graduate Jose Daniel Olivas Jarquín, who has started a seafood business in Siuna with great success; José René Castellón and Lester Castellón, young people who have undertaken their business successfully in Siuna.

Jurors shared their product appreciations with students, but they also explained that one thing is what is being worked on in college and another is to face reality outside, where there is a demanding audience, so they recommended hearing all the criticisms to improve the quality and demanding demand of customers.

Ing. Montenegro said that we are working articulately from URACCAN with students from different careers and entrepreneurs who have managed to enter the local market with successful ventures.