URACCAN academic areas meet to discuss educational continuity and high school statistics
Academic Director of URACCAN, MSc. Letisia Castillo.
Neylin Calderón and Judith Robleto

A propedeutic is being proposed where mathematics and oral and written communication are strengthened.

URACCAN is immersed in an analysis process on the educational continuity of its student community and the link between high school and university. Based on this, the Academic Directorate of this institution of higher education met today with the academic secretariats and career coordinations of its four campuses.

In relation to this process, statistics on the egress of high schoolers were interpreted for the coming year and, based on the results, determine the target group that may enter URACCAN. During the meeting, this institution's challenges with high school were addressed, with the awareness that "this year has been difficult, where the pandemic and health emergency have upset the Caribbean Coast and education," explained URACCAN's academic director, MSc. Letisia Castillo.  

One of the points addressed this morning was the Propedeutic Course, which is essential to enter the university, as it constitutes the entry system. In this sense, and considering the particularities of the Autonomous Regions, "a propedeutic is being proposed to review Mathematics and Language and Literature, areas where, according to the Ministry of Education, the high schools will have problems", reported by the teacher Castillo.

According to teacher Consuelo Blandón, academic secretary of the New Guinean compound, the meeting "was of paramount importance, since above all we approached how to view the development of propedeutics in 2021, but we also worked on the proposal to review modules, both oral and written communication and mathematics, in order to support recent high schoolers".

The academic secretary of the Bilwi campus, MSc. Ivonne McLean explained that "before, the proposed course was to take and approve, at the moment, the proposal is that students be taught and cared for with the limitations they bring."

To overcome this systemic limit, URACCAN will serve students in a special way in the first semester; Hence, all careers will receive the following subjects: Basic Mathematics, Oral and Written Communication, Caribbean Coast History, English, "and a subject that has to do with Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), because students will continue to use the platforms," concluded Teacher McLean.