Research and Postgraduate Area trains teachers on CCRISAC
The Research and Postgraduate Coordinator of the Bilwi Campus, MSc. Pink Palaces.
Neylin Calderon

Teaching in the area of Education Sciences and Leadership School participate

kul smasmalkanka tara bara Leadership skulka watla sasmalkrika nani ra smalkanka ba breeze

The teacher Rosa Palacios, coordinator of the Research and Postgraduate area of URACCAN Bilwi campus, trained teachers from the area of Education Sciences and the School of Leadership on the own research methodology called Cultivation and Aging of Wisdoms and Knowledge (CCRISAC).

In this sense, Palacios argued that this is part of the Intercultural Community University Model where a space is provided to wise and wise people so that they can express their ancestral knowledge and knowledge, for that reason such activities are carried out, as a way of fulfilling commitments as academic areas of research.

"Free research is being prioritized, involving ancestral knowledge, self-knowledge, in order to strengthen these research skills, these spaces of interaction, of exchanges are carried out," she explained.

The teachers who participated are those who teach subjects in the careers of "English, Language and Literature, Mathematics and the School of Leadership, which are all subjects", detailed Palacios.

Finally, the teacher assured that in addition to this training on the implementation of CCRISAC, other types of talks on Participatory Action Research have also been conducted. "We are working with systematizations as a form of completion of study, but also as free research," Rosa Palacios concluded.