CEIMM proposes psychosocial care to people affected by COVID-19
The COORDINATOR of CEIMM at the Las Minas campus, PhD. Jacoba Dávila Molina.
José Garth Medina

The Las Minas compound experienced pain from the physical loss of its academic secretary.

The Center for Multi-Ethnic Women's Studies and Information (CEIMM) of URACCAN, in the Las Minas campus, proposed to the University Council of Campus, at its seventh ordinary session, attention to the families of this institution who have been affected by the coronavirus and who have suffered mourning.

Jacoba Dávila Molina, PhD, coordinator of CEIMM and member of the University Council of URACCAN, proposed to the plenary psychosocial care to the relatives of people affected by COVID-19, since the aftermath it leaves are very difficult.

The Las Minas compound was one of those affected by COVID-19, as he experienced the pain of the physical loss of master Ariel Chavarría, who served as academic secretary, but in addition many workers were affected with the disease and have left different aftermath, including psychological and physical ones.

The CIS coordinator also called for an awareness-raising process from classrooms to maintain prevention measures, because "the disease continues to affect our communities and that is why we must take care of ourselves."

URACCAN, as a higher education institution on the Caribbean Coast, was affected by this disease, as it lost several of its beloved members. This university has a prevention and safety protocol to prevent COVID-19, rigorously implemented in each of the enclosures and extensions.