Scientific and entrepreneurship research

By: Neylin Calderón

With a total of 53 teams made up of students from URACCAN, in its Bilwi university campus, the twenty-second edition of the scientific day was held or also known as the "opportunity to share and recreate knowledge".

According to the teacher Rosa Palacios, coordinator of the area of creation, recreation of knowledge and practices, in this enclosure, this activity is dedicated to the 25 years of founding of URACCAN, in addition as part of incentivize the student community to contribute through their own knowledge, the importance of each of the research they have carried out since the intercultural educational process.

Among the research presented was "psychosocial effects of caricatures, on the development of the infants of the Christian school Verbo", "interpretation of the dreams of Miskita and Creole culture in the Arlen Siu neighborhood", "Knowledge and practices of gender and sexuality in students of the first entry of URACCAN-Bilwi", among other innovative and entrepreneurship projects.

The goal of the day

Since URACCAN these academic activities are carried out in order to "recreate and share knowledge", said the teacher Rosa Palacios, this time end-of-course work was presented, researches from different academic areas and subjects, "and some small projects that also lead the research process and that at the same time insert the innovative part," the teacher argued.

For his part, the fourth-year student of the career in Psychology in Multicultural Contexts Félix Javier Lam William said that "URACCAN is a multicultural university gives the right for us to start looking for the topics that we want to work on different cultures, this is an advantage," the student said, and Felix added that these spaces help strengthen their knowledge.