Innovating and undertaking

By: Judith Robleto

With the participation of more than 80 men and women, accounting professionals, the X URACCAN accounting seminar is opened, under the motto Innovando y Emprendiendo, at the New Guinea university campus.

These processes have meant the opportunity to update knowledge in accounting matters, with the aim of strengthening the competencies of professionals and public accounting student, as well as those involved in the administrative and financial processes of the different public and private entities.

The seminar is also the space to motivate students and public accounting professionals, as well as other actors linked to the business work to develop with a critical, creative, innovative and entrepreneurial attitude.

About the program

The agenda of the event is opened with the conference "URACCAN, its achievements and challenges as an intercultural community university", dictated by Dr. Eugenio López Mairena, vice-chancellor of the venue.

Lopez not only referred to URACCAN's achievements and challenges, he also made notes on the accountant's challenges today. "It is necessary in an accountant with a second language, to be able to serve foreign companies and investors in our country; In addition, their training must be focused on information and communication technology, an accountant cannot ignore: corporate social responsibility, his own professional social responsibility and environmental accounting issues," he said

The professor also spoke of how right URACCAN's curriculum is in accounting, as it raises ethics and, according to the official, it is "fundamental to talk about ethics, moral values in an accountant," he said.

A career in demand at URACCAN

The URACCAN New Guinea venue opened in 1997, and it was until 2000 that it began offering the accounting career, that year it began with a tuition of 58 aspiring accountants, then became one of the most demanded races.

There are currently 286 accounting graduates, of whom 211 are women and 75 males; but it also currently has a license plate of 146 of which 105 are women and 41 males.

Photo: Greysi Pauth