Workshop on The Cultivation and Breeding of Wisdom and Knowledge
Josselyn Flores

URACCAN, committed to scientific and humanistic development, held this week a workshop on its research model CCRISAC (Culture and Breeding of Wisdom and Knowledge), aimed at teachers and researchers of its campus in Bluefields.  

This investigative proposal is part of the needs of indigenous, mixed and Afro-descendant peoples of the Caribbean Coast, their spirituality and interculturality.

The workshop was conducted by teacher Neydi Gutierrez, research and post-graduate coordinator of the Bluefields compound. According to the rapporteur Gutierrez, "CCRISAC is our research model, URACCAN as an intercultural community university has a different way of doing research, creating and recreating knowledge".

Model under construction

The teacher stated that this methodology constitutes "a model that is under construction, we are in the validation stage, which is being done since the execution of this process; which is important to us because CRISSAC revitalizes ancestral knowledge, cultural practices, from a gender perspective, so we consider this to be consistent with our Intercultural Community University model."

Experiences in the implementation of CCRISAC

"We have had several experiences; the former began with intercultural communication programs. We have also developed processes in Afro-descendant peoples on the issue of health and with the Ramas peoples we have worked from the meaning of nature."

"This type of research does not seek to discover science, but to contribute to science by revitalizing knowledge. Historically, knowledge through peoples has been underestimated, so this research model seeks to give value to these ancestral knowledges, to these cultural practices and basically to make them available to new generations, which can strengthen the knowledge processes of them," she concluded.