URACCAN and Minsa de Bilwi provide preventive talks before COVID-19

Work coordinations to ensure the health of the university community

By: Neylin Calderón

The area of Occupational Hygiene and Safety of URACCAN Bilwi campus and the Ministry of Health of this city gave preventive talk on COVID-19 to officials, officials and students of Psychology in Multicultural Contexts of this house of intercultural higher studies.

Enrique Cordón (PhD), vice-chancellor of URACCAN in Bilwi, emphasized that n"The main problem of us is that we do not know about the virus, we do not know what it does, as we can prevent it; they are questions that seem to be simple and easy, but it is not so, because that depends on the safety and tranquility of each of us and knowing about the coronavirus guarantees us the life of our families."

In addition, the vice-chancellor reported, on the Caribbean Coast there are several issues that are affecting the health of the population, "one is malaria, which is impacting us, is breaking us, it is killing us; HIV is hitting us hard, mainly in the Coco River sector and below, the situation is serious, there we have the issue of teenage pregnancy and now we add the issue of coronavirus."

Preventive processes for the Good Living and The Good Living of Peoples

Dr Luis Manuel Solís, Head of Epidemiology of the municipality of Puerto Cabezas, said coordination with URACCAN helps prevent all kinds of diseases affecting the region. "We work," the Galen said, "in a coordinated manner on all the issues of health promotion and prevention of the prevalent diseases of the moment: we are talking about malaria, other vector-borne diseases, and this time we are working on the preparation phase against the eminent threat of the incorporation of coronavirus as a disease that is affecting most countries of the world."