They hold briefing on COVID-19 with sabatino students
Neylin Calderon

Coronavirus prevention protocols in Bilwi enclosure

The vice-chancellor of URACCAN Bilwi held an assembly with students from various careers of the Sabatina modality to inform them about the protocol of institutional prevention before the pandemic known as coronavirus and to publicize the communication of the National Council of Universities to this adversity.

The vice-chancellor of that university campus, PhD Enrique Cordón, emphasized that the call for this briefing was made by the health situation facing the country and reported on the positive cases of COVID-19 that have been confirmed by the authorities.

However, the occasion also served to address the development projects and plans implemented by the university to strengthen learning communities and social change.

Institutional responsibility for coronavirus

Vice-Chancellor Cordón recounted that the teacher of that venue, Elebe Williams, was in Spain doing academic internships and that, upon arriving in the country, the institution directed him to remain in voluntary quarantine in a hotel in Managua before returning home and his work center.

"He's healthy. There's nothing to worry about. However, following security protocols, he will be there in a space with all conditions, waiting for the whole process to pass," URACCAN official said, thanking Professor Elebe for being a conscious citizen and protecting his family and community.  

It is appropriate to emphasize that students agreed with the measures taken by the university, committing to continue their classes and to take care of their health following the safety protocol. In addition, they discussed possibilities for not delaying the school year, such as virtual classes, to which PhD Cordón stated that the Intercultural Community University has an educational contingency plan in case the COVID-19 threat reaches another magnitude.