Workshop to create value proposition

By: José Garth Medina

Students of URACCAN Campus Las Minas, advance in the First Season of Open Innovation, which is held in the Innovation Center in the university campus, in articulation with the Carcip project, executed by the Government of Nicaragua, promoting innovation processes in Nicaragua.

According to the Msc. Sergio Rodríguez Ruiz, coordinator of the innovation area of URACCAN las Minas, held a meeting with students of Social Sciences with mention in Local Development, Accounting and Informatics, to launch a challenge focused on social transformation, specifically with excluded groups and people with disabilities.

In addition, Rodriguez shared that the challenge for students is to find an innovative solution so that excluded groups can access education.

For her part, the Msc. Jacoba Estela Rodríguez, who coordinates the innovation center in Siuna, commented that they have eight students of Social Sciences with Mention in Local Development, Public Accounting and Auditing and Administrative Informatics.

About the workshop

This past Monday, November 18, the workshop for creating value proposal was held, where the proposal for a solution to the challenge is created, and the prototype is built and the proposal is launched before the partner to feed back the proposal.

According to the Msc. Rodriguez, the methodology they're using is pitch's methodology, "Where need is identified, the approach to respond to identified need, benefits and competition," he concluded.