Psychology students performed Cultural Fair

By: Neylin Calderón

Students of the Bachelor of Psychology in Multicultural Contexts of the URACCAN at their Bilwi university campus, held a Cultural Fair, where they showed, through dances, sociodramas, gastronomy and exhibitions, the history of the Creoles, Garífunas, Ramas, Mayangnas, Miskitus and Mestizos peoples of the Caribbean Coast of Nicaragua.

According to student Sheymi Patterson, the realization of this activity was in the fulfillment of the final project of the subject Intercultural Citizenship, "We want to share the different cultures that are native to the Caribbean Coast", shared, adding that "We are in a multicultural land, then we are rich in culture... Share the worldview because many cultures have been lost," he argued.

For her part, the student Bianka Campos, explained that this fair was made on behalf of the different cultures "Gastronomy, the worldview of ethnicities, be they miskitus, Mayangnas, Ramas, Creole and coexistence between peoples", emphasized.

Cohabitation between students and teachers

For this activity they had as special guests teachers and student leadership of the campus, that is why the teacher Sesiah Davis, of the Institute of Studies and Promotion of Autonomy (IEPA-URACCAN), highlighted that this was a dialogue of knowledge and feelings on the part of the student of this house of intercultural higher education, "To be able to share all the experiences, the forms of clothing , the gastronomic forms, the ways of life, the stories of the ancestors of each of the cultures," he stressed.