Intercultural Community Extension

By: Neylin Calderón

URACCAN, through the area of Student Welfare and the Student Movement of the Bilwi campus, in coordination with the Foundation with Love and the Regional Government, visited the Miskita indigenous community of Haulover, with the purpose of providing comprehensive care for the children of that community.

In this regard, Lesther Molina, director of Student Welfare at URACCAN, stated that this accompaniment was done in compliance with the process of intercultural community extension, "The accompaniment of URACCAN allowed good communication with members of the community, especially for the translation made by Rubel Chamorro, president of the University Student Movement in the Bilwi campus", he recounted.

In addition, Molina argued that "This activity is the first activity carried out by the Foundation and URACCAN in the communities of the North Caribbean and more activities are scheduled to be carried out next year in other communities, this as part of the social extension of URACCAN," he added.

Joint Community Activities

According to Isaac Bravo, representative of the Nicaraguan Foundation with Love, the visit to the Community of Haulover was very productive because they were able to carry "A day of personal hygiene, such as hand washing, the use of the toothbrush, we also came to strengthen the part of the study because we carry an important donation of backpacks, notebooks for children" Said.

Bravo also called the visit a moment of joy for the whole community, especially for children "Participation was massive," Isaac said, adding that they took the opportunity to donate sports tools "To strengthen the exercise of sport as part of healthy training," he said.

URACCAN is committed to strengthening and developing the indigenous, Afro-descendant and mestiza communities of the Caribbean Coast, which is why Isaac Bravo, concluded by detailing that the working articulation between the university and the foundation has been positive and, of course, they hope to continue working hand in hand on this path of healthy recreation in the Caribbean of Nicaragua.