Vice-chancellors visit Sabatina classrooms at Bilwi precinct
Vice-Chancellors Yuri Zapata and Enrique Cordón, visiting the classrooms.
Neylin Calderon

Security measures against the Covid-19 pandemic

The first Intercultural Community University in Latin America, URACCAN, since last week reactivated its academic activities in the 4 campuses and extensions. In this context, in the Bilwi campus, Dr. Enrique Cordón and teacher Yuri Zapata, vice-chancellor general of URACCAN, visited the classrooms of the Sabatino course to publicize the modality by meeting and prevention measures before COVID-19.

The vice-chancellor of the Bilwi compound stated that as a security measure no assemblies are being held with students, avoiding crowds. However, this has not been an obstacle to dialogue with the student community, so the vice-chancellors and the Academic Secretariat were given the task of visiting each of the classrooms to provide the new guidance at the beginning of this second half of 2020.

"The idea is to welcome you to this second semester, explain to them the modality by meeting that we are using and why we are using it, as well as to re-implement all the prevention measures that have been oriented to us from the higher authorities," Cordón explained.

Dialogues that streamline educational processes and joint prevention measures

For his part, Zapata said that these dialogues focus on both teachers and students on the continuity of educational processes, "what is the role of teachers, the role of students and how interacting the two parties will have significant learnings (...); what is really wanted is that the plans, the programs for each subject, will be developed so that we can have enough level of retention and promotion that leads to raising the degrees of effectiveness and quality in education."

"The university is preserving the life of its university community through measures, but also an important role in all this is played by students, we as an institution provide the necessary conditions and they also have to take their role," said URACCAN's deputy general vice-chancellor.

It should be mentioned that the Bilwi campus has had a student attendance level of 80%, said Enrique Cordón, PhD, "attendance has been normalized, buses are doing their normal route, the only thing that now each group is coming 1 to 2 times a week, the rest of the time they remain connected virtually".

Finally, the academic detailed that from each of the conversations that are held with the teaching and administrative staff of this university campus, it is instilled that the student community stays connected with all the work of the university.