Validation of the evaluation process of the Institutional Strategic Plan 2015-2019
Coordinators and area managers of URACCAN New Guinea.
Judith Robleto

Complementary work between the different areas of the enclosure

In the light of the evaluation of the 2015-2019 Institutional Strategic Plan, this week, from the coordinations of Self-Assessment and Planning of URACCAN campus New Guinea, work is carried out on the process of validating the results with coordinations and area managers.

In this regard, and reflecting the validation process indicated, Master Yader Morales Lara, Coordinator of Institutional Planning, assured that "the activity involves developing a review process while publicize the scopes in the implementation of the plan, the impacts, as well as the recommendations of improvements made by the internal and external actors consulted".

After a validation process among the internal staff, work is carried out on the final construction of the document, according to Daril Acuña, coordinator of Territorial Self-Assessment. "At the moment we are working on the framework of integrating the suggestions made to the document, for the presentation of the final document," says Acuña, who also argues that "by referencing the validation process, it can be said that the results of these were generally satisfactory".

For this study house and from its conception, from its philosophical framework, working its life plans with consultative processes and subsequently validating them among the community is a practice that enriches its life plans and give greater validity to its contextualized work in the Autonomous Regions.