Homogenize results of the final report of the Institutional Strategic Plan
Bilwi Campus Planning and Evaluation Commission.
Neylin Calderon

Meeting of the Committee on Planning and Evaluation of the Venue

For several months now, URACCAN has been working on the evaluation report of the Institutional Strategic Plan (PEI) 2015-2019. Therefore, the Planning and Evaluation Committee met, to homogenize all the ideas raised in the first draft of the final report, corresponding to the Bilwi enclosure and the Waspam extension.

Master Yader Galo, coordinator of the Institutional Assessment area in this university campus, stated that the 5 institutional functions that are broken down from the PEI were reviewed in a timely manner, assessing whether the indicators requested are met, because "there are indicators where we have difficulties with information within the reports, so it was like agreeing what we are going to write and how we are going to do it" Gaul explained.

"For example, some indicators called for percentages and only research was mentioned in the wording; then, we have to go back and put the percentage, to try to meet the indicator," the official emphasized.

During the meeting, the coordinator said, "We agreed, we are going to make conclusions, the difficulties we are going to turn them into recommendations."

The final report part of the Institutional Strategic Plan for the Bilwi campus and the Waspam extension is in the validation phase, as reported by the academic Galo: "This Friday we have to deliver it to the Planning Directorate and the Institutional Evaluation Directorate, however, we will enter into a validation process for the venue, more than validation will be disclosure of the results".