URACCAN and New Guinea population send aid to Bilwi brothers affected by Hurricane ETA
Katherinne Huete: "Being here at all times is part of our university's commitment to us, to be humanistic, and to think about the need of others."
Judith Robleto

Promoting principles of solidarity, humanitarianism and social commitment

The "United for the Caribbean" campaign, promoted by URACCAN for the collection of food that will help those affected by ETA in the North Caribbean, has paid off substantially. Food, medicine and clothing are sent this Friday from the New Guinean compound.

Professor Roder García, coordinator of External Cooperation of the venue, appreciated the public's trust in the university. "We appreciate the solidarity of each person who contributed to help the brothers of Puerto Cabezas, but we also appreciate the confidence in the work that is done at URACCAN," Garcia said.  

In this sense, teacher Greysi Pauth said that "this was achieved thanks to a great work of team, of commissions of work, of students, of the entire university community", highlighting at the same time the work of the communication of this house of studies and the established alliances with media such as Radio Manantial and Canal 17, of this city.

Humanism and willingness on the part of the URACCAN student

From the start of the campaign to the process of sending supplies, the student movement alongside its leadership worked hard. "Being here at all times is part of our university's commitment to us, being humanists and thinking about the need of others, now our Brothers in Bilwi are suffering from everything they lost because of the hurricane," said Katerinne Huete, UNEN student president at URACCAN New Guinea.

Once again the university community of the New Guinean compound, like the general population of this city, have shown solidarity with the most in need. Sending basic necessities (food, clothing and medicine) to the Bilwi community is a sign of this.