URACCAN students participate in National Technology Expociencia 2020
The Director of Research and Postgraduate of URACCAN together with the students who represented this university.
Dara Contreras

Empowering knowledge from the does in Higher Education

URACCAN participated in the ninth "National Technological Exposcience and Small Entrepreneurship Promotion Fair", organized by the Nicaraguan Council for Science and Technology (CONICYT) in conjunction with the National Council of Universities (UNC), in order to empower small businesses that contribute to Nicaraguan development and to learn about research processes from the focus of Higher Education , within the framework of The Scientific Day 2020. This event was held at the Olof Palme Convention Center, located in Managua.

This important activity involved representations of the four URACCAN venues, who presented six outstanding projects, such as a "Home Fat Mitigation System", research based on the "Good Life of Indigenous Mayangna Women of Awas Tingni", a "School Safety Map in Peri-Urban Schools of Siuna Municipality", the "Processing and Marketing of Corn Products with Cocoa" and Ventures such as "ISEM" , which offers medical products and a line of cocoa-based products called "Caribbean Flavor Jewels".

The student of the URACCAN-Bilwi campus, Jihosmara Karina López and author of the research "Good Living of the Mayangna Indigenous Women of Awas Tingni", highlights the work that URACCAN has done, in this process of scientific training that develops since rectory in conjunction with teachers and students. "URACCAN really opens up the possibilities of continuing to learn, to continue innovating and harvesting so that everyone can know the work of the students," López stressed. It should be mentioned that this research is based on the Cultivation and Breeding of Wisdoms and Knowledge (CCRISAC).

For his part, Juan Francisco Perera Lumbí, Director of Research and Postgraduate of URACCAN, accompanied the student in this activity and assured that by promoting and strengthening these research processes, students are expected to integrate into Caribbean institutions with scientific and innovative knowledge that will be of great contribution to the development of the Nicaraguan Caribbean Coast.

Also, Perera Lumbi highlighted the effort and encouragement that students have shown in the process of carrying out these research projects, which despite the difficulties that the country has faced, specifically by COVID-19, have done a magnificent job.

This significant meeting was also attended by national authorities, including Miriam Ráudez, Minister of Education; Moses Omar Halleslevens, general in retirement from the Nicaraguan Army; Msc. Ramona Rodríguez Pérez, president of the UNC and who highlighted the contribution of the research processes that are carried out in the different universities to Nicaraguan society. "With great pride we have to highlight works in Expociencia, which are the result and evidence of lines such as natural sciences, tourism, education, agricultural aspects," MSc said in its official speech. Rodriguez.

It should be mentioned that this activity was carried out under the safety standards established to prevent the contagion of Covid-19, such as hand washing, the use of alcohol and masks, as well as the temperature intake before entering the premises.