Second meeting on Risk Reduction

By: Neylin Calderón

URACCAN through institute of natural resources and sustainable development (IREMADES/CISA) in conjunction with the Italian organization "Civil Volunteering Group" (GVC), hold the second meeting of the training cycle in disaster management and risk reduction, led by technicians and technicians of non-governmental organizations and state institutions involved in this topic.

In this regard, Master Lenin Green coordinator of IREMADES/CISA in the Bilwi compound, stated that this process is the continuity of the workshop that began last August of the current, in addition, Green argued that the University seeks to strengthen the knowledge of each participant, "Within the topics that have been prioritized is the approach of risk management, climate change as an instrument of adaptation and mitigation, life environment and resilience", he highlighted.

Applying tools in communities

Among the topics addressed in this training is the realization of diagnostics on risk reduction, "We are going to Karatá and Tuapi to apply the tools on the identification of vulnerabilities, seeing it from different points of view, both structural, social, economic and risks", said Hemsly Francis, technician of the Natural Resources area of the mayoral area of Puerto Cabezas.  

Similarly, Francis argued that now, with climate change, there are many vulnerable points in the municipality of Puerto Cabezas, "The seasons are not the same, they have varied a lot and will continue to vary, in the face of that we must have a mitigation and reduction approach to any eventuality of the environment", said the technician, adding that this training has strengthened the knowledge of each participant and thank the support of URACCAN and GVC for instructing them on new topics that will strengthen them communities.