Institutional evaluation processes

By: Judith Robleto

Over the course of this week, URACCAN is working on the end of the academic year and the activities of the 2019 Annual Operational Plan (POA), in this regard, the Annual Management Report is being prepared and in parallel, in articulation with the different areas, the means of verification of each activity carried out are being guaranteed.

According to Master Daril Acuña, head of institutional self-assessment of the New Guinea precinct, "The means of verification are the resources to verify or demonstrate compliance with the activities carried out by each area in accordance with the POA and pei", he recounted.

In addition, Acuña explained that "This initiative was born from the process of self-assessment 2008-2012, since receiving the visit of the evaluator pairs required timely information from the areas of the university, hence the need for URACCAN to keep a record of this information," he said.

In this context, the URACCAN Management System (SGU), created by IT experts from this study house, becomes a computer system designed and created to enhance various technical and academic areas such as planning, evaluation, finance, administration, human resources, academic registration, acquisitions, among others.

Currently this record of information is carried out in view of the processes of continuous improvement that the university has assumed, which, at the national level, are being rectored by the National Council of Evaluation and Accreditation (CNEA) and at the Central American level by the Central American University Higher Council (CSUCA).