Mining Triangle politicians highlight

By: Johana Estrada

As part of the launch of the 25 years of the First Intercultural Community University, authorities and university community, municipal authorities, leaders, leaders and personalities of the city of Siuna participated to be part of this commemorative holiday of the population of the Caribbean Coast.

Otilio Duarte, Mayor elmunicipio de Siuna, stressed that he highlighted the creation of the Regional Autonomy Law and with it the birth of the University of the Autonomous Regions of the Nicaraguan Caribbean Coast (URACCAN) as a result of that autonomy, "is the daughter of Autonomy, it is the one that has brought knowledge and autonomous development to families".

For the different political and community sectors, it was necessary to create a university at the service of indigenous and Afro-descendant peoples, to prevent the brain drain of young people aspiring to do their university studies.

"URACCAN was born and came to prevent the costeños and costañas from having to travel peacefully to study, leaving their families, their home, their people, so it is a higher education house that recognizes the value of human talents, because in those years people who had low economic incomes could not carry out their studies because of the costs that this represented , today the reality is different," Duarte said.

From the university's perspective, spaces have been created with conditions for different areas to have spaces conducive to students doing their internships and strengthening their knowledge, allowing to advance and combine theory with practice, "today we celebrate this twentieth anniversary with a view to a better future, that strategic vision of moving forward with the knowledge and development of the Caribbean Coast , is fundamental. This is the University of us the costeños and costañas, that is why we say live the URACCAN, live the URACCAN!", the Mayor completed.

Photos: URACCAN/José Garth