Institutional planning 2020

By: Jindriska Mayorga Polanco

As part of the year of extension to the Strategic Plan 2015 – 2019, a day of evaluation of successes and challenges is developed to complete the operational planning 2020, in the URACCAN Las Minas Campus, with the participation of different academic areas, techniques and authorities of the institution.

Strategic planning is conceived at URACCAN as an important tool for management and decision-making. "The purpose is to face challenges such as institutional accreditation," said URACCAN Las Minas Deputy President Leonor Ruiz Calderón.

Compliance with law minimums

The particular thing about this year is that institutional planning takes up the obligations of higher education institutions established in Law 704, the law that created the national system for the assurance of the quality of education and regulatory of the National Council for Evaluation and Accreditation.

On Planning: Annual Institutional Articulation Meeting takes place at Las Minas campus

"We are preparing with the necessary documents such as: regulations, curriculum, programs, in addition to infrastructure, it is not going to be easy because somehow we were affected by the crisis that was experienced in 2018, however, we have all the mood and positive attitude of all our human talent," Ruiz emphasized.

For her part, the teacher María Cristina Feliciano, planning coordinator of Las Minas, said that each of the areas must plan according to what has been worked on in the operational plan of the venue.

Collective work

The week of January 28-31, vice-rectories, technical area management, institutes and research centres, extension coordinations, together with the rectory team, organized and planned the work collectively and articulately, a process led by the Rector of URACCAN, Dr. Alta Hooker.

This process of institutional articulation is one of the aspects, which have a degree of importance for institutional development. Rectory has consistently been promoting these processes, as part of the institutional culture of articulating each aspect and process to achieve the objectives set.