URACCAN strengthens its Propedeutic Course and the Common Semester
A team of Spanish specialists works the curriculum transformation process.
José Garth Medina

URACCAN specialists have been working the curriculum transformation of the subjects of Spanish and Mathematics, in order to ensure the strengthening of the high schoolers who will enter this Intercultural Community University in 2021.

This was expressed by the MSc. Letisia Castillo Gómez, academic director of URACCAN, who also assured that the National Council of Universities (UNC) made the decision to facilitate entry to high schools with quality in 2021, where some public universities decided to eliminate the entrance exam, maintaining only the psychometric test.

URACCAN has worked in several stages. One was the consultation phase with the authorities of the Caribbean Coast Ministry of Education, to see how they visualized the future of high schoolers, the academic director said.

The UNC announced that next year the admission system will change, which means URACCAN to be more flexible, but not at the cost of quality and we are working on it, MSc explained. Castle.

The idea is to level up high schoolers through a common semester so they can enter college, due to the affectation of the pandemic. In the case of URACCAN, this will be done with five subjects: Mathematics, Spanish, English, Computer Science and History of the Caribbean Coast.

The MSc. Castillo Gómez reported that URACCAN will continue to offer the Propedeutic Course, but strengthened so that new-entry students can strengthen their knowledge; the Oral and Written Communication class will become a module that will prepare them to enter the common semester.

In Siuna, with specialists from the Spanish area of URACCAN, the contents of this subject are being restructured. Two weeks ago, he worked on math transformation.

"We currently have the Basic Mathematics subject program, for propedeutics, the common semester, and contextualized to the circumstances in which high school students come and be able to follow the transit to university," MSc said. Gomez Castle.

The admission policy, strategy and read-up of the programme and basic texts shall first be submitted to the Academic Committee; URACCAN University Council, which will have to approve and make the respective recommendations for implementation in 2021.