URACCAN-Slilma continues to boost student innovation
The rector of URACCAN, Dr. Alta Hooker, with the students who presented her projects to her.
Luis Reyes

Students present innovation and entrepreneurship projects

Full of enthusiasm and motivation, four groups of students from different URACCAN careers presented their innovation and entrepreneurship projects to Dr. Alta Hooker Blandford, rector of this institution, who expressed great enthusiasm when she saw the number of young people from the region and from different communities developing such projects.

"The creativity that young people have and all the proposals they make are immersed in the reality and need of the region, this tells us that we are on a good path," she said.

This presentation was made within the framework of the Center for Innovation and Intercultural Community Entrepreneurship "Slilma" of URACCAN Bilwi campus, which is developing the open innovation methodology as part of the CARCIP project, TELCOR-Nicaragua, which promotes innovation and creativity of students, who work and research based on innovation challenges posed from the community, institutions and different economic sectors of the region.

Technological proposals for real problems

One of the projects presented was an application called Near Medical, which is that people who have the application can contact the nearest hospital center, so that they can be taken care of directly in the community, or who can send them an ambulance. The rector emphasized that this project is of vital importance, "especially at this time it is a much-needed implementation; the goal is for us to share it with the Ministry of Health and see how we move forward."

This application also incorporates a simulator where different types of respiratory diseases are identified. In addition, it allows medical and nursing students to have more experience understanding the forms of breathing according to diseases.

The second project is a dumpster with pedal, made with recyclable products and that allows to deposit the garbage in place without touching the basket with your hands.

Another group of students is working on an application that allows to identify the types of violence and will offer online assistance to victims, allowing to identify the types of violence. This will reflect a map of the places where there is violence in its different dimensions.

The fourth project consists of an application that will serve to provide information on agriculture and gardening through an assistance service and a contact guide where information will be provided to the people who require it. This project is implemented by students of Computer Science and Agroforestry Engineering.

Heading for a new innovation season

Heidy Forbes, head of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center, reported that they are launching the fourth season of open innovation. "We hope for next year to launch the fifth season, which is why I want to invite all students to participate in this methodology and in each of the seasons."

At the time, the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center will make the call to participate in the season removes and is an opportunity to grow, know and launch university projects and dreams to promote community development; In addition, students will be able to participate in the different courses taught by the center.