URACCAN signs agreements with young entrepreneurs
One of the students benefited, along with Dr. Hooker (to the center) and the vice-chancellor of the Bluefields compound, teacher Diala López.
Josselyn Flores

Forging the culture of entrepreneurship and innovation

From the Bluefields venue, URACCAN Rector Dr. Alta Hooker signed agreements with 5 enterprising students who benefited from funding for their business projects, following an arduous selection process. This agreement is supported by the Norwegian International Student and Academic Assistance Fund (SAIH).

Rector Hooker gave the keynote address, where she said that "we as URACCAN have believed and are convinced that every student must be an entrepreneur and an innovator, because it is what the Caribbean Coast needs: colleagues who have that spirit to work, to create new ideas and new processes so that the region has better living conditions".

This agreement stipulates the delivery of US$ 400, with the aim of supporting the business of these young entrepreneurs, who are responsible for returning this amount within a period of one year.

"We are extremely proud of each of you and have a willingness to continue monitoring, following and accompanying so that your projects can be an achievement," Dr Hooker said, giving motivation and confidence to college students.

He also explained to young women that once they comply with the stipulated agreement, they would have the opportunity to re-opt for other support from the institution.

This initiative aims, in turn, for URACCAN students to also be agents of change and sources of employment for the Caribbean population. One of the projections and visions with this strategy is that more and more students are developing their life projects and contribute to the strengthening of the economy of the Caribbean Coast.

Innovative project contributions

Administrative Informatics student Michael Fajardo has designed an innovation consulting project, in which entrepreneurs are trained to improve their business models. Its projection is to start with workshops for businessmen and women. Fajardo explains "that in the city of Bluefields there are few consultants who are dedicated to what is entrepreneurship and innovation, so I intend to improve in that sense, since it is a weakness and that leads many businesses and entrepreneurial projects to fail because there is no one to guide them, give them strategies to innovate from the use of new technologies that exist".

Finally, one of the beneficiaries with this project, student of Sociology with mention in Autonomy, Antonia Sarante, extended her thanks with the university for having promoted this project that involves students and helps them continue to forge a better way of life.