URACCAN delivers seed fund to young entrepreneurs in New Guinea precinct
Rector Alta Hooker and Vice-Chancellor López Mairena, with young entrepreneurs from the New Guinea precinct.
Judith Robleto

Enhancing your students' abilities

Four young entrepreneurs, students from different careers in the New Guinea precinct, benefited from the seed fund that this study house establishes to support the development of their students' entrepreneurships. The signing of the agreement was made between Dr. Alta Hooker, rector of URACCAN and the young beneficiaries, whose business projects were selected by a committee composed of teachers, area coordinators, academic secretariat and Innovation and Entrepreneurship team. This program is supported by the Norwegian International Student and Academic Assistance Fund (SAIH).

According to Dr Hooker Blandford, "whoever we are delivering this seed fund talks about the kind of university we are, which means that the projects you presented respond to projects around you, your community, and are in benefit to the space where you live."

Hooker Blandford also wanted the young winners luck, further ensuring that they were "extremely proud that our students are being beneficiaries, confident that they will do well."

URACCAN, in the New Guinea campus, through an agreement with entrepreneurs, has delivered $2,100, with the aim of supporting the businesses of these young students, who after submitting their investment plan, commit to their university to return the fund invested over a period of one year, having the opportunity to have a refinancing depending on their performance.

Appreciation and commitment from entrepreneurs

The deputy chancellor of the compound, PhD. López Mairena, expressed to students "as a university we are sure that you are entrepreneurs, that in addition to being agents of change, they become sources of employment for other people and so we are working on fulfilling our Mission and Vision of Entrepreneurs, of development agents of the Caribbean Coast".

Rafael Amaya, students of the fourth year of Administrative Informatics, assured that "this initiative, this activity that they are doing with us, drives us to continue and helps us in a great way, since I thought about taking out bank loans, but when we were told of the seed fund, that filled us with joy".

In this regard, Jasdania Lohendi Kuan thanked the URACCAN authorities for the confidence to grant him the loan by ensuring that this "helps us to grow as a person, as entrepreneurs".

Kuan also said that "being entrepreneurs is beautiful and as women is important because it's another way to help our municipality's economy."

The seed fund delivery initiative to young enterprising students has been carried out since previous years and has provided an important stimulus for both beneficiaries and the university itself, as it makes the word and development with identity of the region walk.