URACCAN, ONECA and Alianza Americas link brotherhood ties to support families on the North Caribbean Coast
URACCAN, ONECA and Alianza Americas continue to work and manage humanitarian aid for Caribbean families still suffering the havoc of both hurricanes.
David Solórzano

Working for and for the original peoples

Faced with the powerful hurricanes that hit the North Caribbean Coast, URACCAN, in conjunction with the Central American Black Organization (ONECA) and with funding from the organizations Alianza Américas, Presente Org. (e) Hispanic Federation, complied with the delivery of a food kit and hygiene kit to the most vulnerable people (single mothers, elderly mothers, among others) from five neighborhoods and 2 communities in Bilwi, Puerto Cabezas.  

Prior to delivery, URACCAN organized a commission to diagnose people in greater vulnerable conditions. These were coordinated by the Center for Multi-Ethnic Women's Studies and Information (CEIMM) and consisted of: Institute of Linguistic Promotion and Research and Cultural Revitalization (IPILC), Observatory of Autonomy, External Cooperation, Institute of Natural Resources, Environment and Sustainable Development (IREMADES), teachers and students of this alma mater.

The neighborhoods benefited were: Punta Fría, Poza Azul, Rosario Murillo, Sandi Bay Sirpi and Wualalaya. For their part, the communities taken into account were Tuapi and Krukira. The aid was intended for widowed, elderly, disabled women, single mothers, among others, depending on their particular situations and needs.  

Thanks from some women benefiting

Luminda Ellis Penli said: "I thank God that although two hurricanes have passed, we are surviving in this world; I thank you who are accompanying us this afternoon, I at least was homeless, I will not have a dignified house to live in, but despite that here I am thanking Alliance Americas for this beautiful gesture of help."

Help kept coming and the voices of thanks and blessings to URACCAN and donor organizations for this big-hearted gesture were multiplying.

Maria Elena Vargas, inhabitant of the Punta Frio neighborhood, in her Miskita language expressed "Thank you very much to the people who are supporting us at this time when we have been badly harmed by the two hurricanes that passed by, I am a poor, disabled woman and I thank you very much for this help".

"The help that is coming is too great, thanks to the Lord and you too who are working very hard to share, to serve the humble people who are here," said Alda Western, a resident of the Krukira community.

Important is to note that it was already completed with the delivery of this donation, after working hard days, starting with the diagnosis in the 5 neighborhoods of the city of Bilwi and ending with the delivery in the community of Krukira. However, URACCAN, ONECA and Alianza Americas continue to work tirelessly and manage humanitarian aid for Caribbean families still suffering the havoc of Hurricanes Eta and Iota.