URACCAN prepares for University Day for Scientific Development
The research and products to be presented are closely linked to institutional philosophy.
Josselyn Flores

Promoting creativity, discipline and commitment in students

URACCAN Bluefields campus is preparing to hold, this October 16, the University Day of Scientific Development (JUDC), a space to project the innovation and knowledge of university students, who will present their products created in classrooms, as well as their studies and research on various fields of knowledge, framed in the philosophy of life of this institution.

In this sense, Teacher Neydi Gutierrez, coordinator of the Research and Postgraduate area, reported on the preparations aimed at highlighting this activity, with a new form of projection according to the context. "Year after year we have been developing the University Day of Scientific Development and this year will be no exception, so we are preparing, for a new virtual and semi-presidential strategy," Gutierrez said.

"From now on we are organizing, first with the process of recording the work that we will be sharing, to fulfill our goal of publicize what our students do in classrooms and exchange knowledge, knowledge and practices," the civil service company advanced.

For this JUDC it is planned to work on topics and products closely linked to the institutional philosophy of URACCAN: intercultural perspective of gender, environmental, sociological, psychological, business, innovative and entrepreneurial content.

The teacher urged the university community to register and participate in this event that projects the creativity, discipline and commitment of the students of this university. In this sense, information will be shared with students through academic coordinations, teachers and institutional media on the progress of the organization of this process.