Reactivation of the Institutional Committee on Risk Management

By: Neylin Calderón

Members of the URACCAN Institutional Risk Management Committee of the Bilwi compound met on Thursday, March 19 to organize the preparations for the territory's Risk Management Plan, with the aim of participating in the First Multi-Threat National Simulation.

From the Bilwi campus it is intended to carry out the drill under threat of isism, where they will be involved: the health, safety, supply, environment and natural resources, infrastructure and education commissions, as well as those responsible for damage assessment and needs analysis, as well as the Disaster Operations Center of that enclosure.

The Ivania Padilla master's degree, a technique in the area of Occupational Hygiene and Safety, stated that the objective of this meeting is to "organize the first drill, being a mandate that comes from the state instance and which we must fulfil, this to safeguard human life; and as a university institution we are not left out of this practical exercise."

Padilla also detailed that they are previously coordinating "to create a real scenario of how to save lives at a time of some natural phenomenon happening at a given time."

This first prevention and safety exercise aims to involve the entire university community, indicating: evacuation points, emergency exits and concentration points, so that both officials and officials and students participate in the exercise.