Education for prevention

By: Neylin Calderón

University students of the V year of the sociology career with mention in Autonomy gave preventive talks on various social problems to high school students of the city Bilwi and the URACCAN Leadership School.

According to Professor Jamilee Meissner, this effort is carried out within the framework of the subject Gender Seminary and is possible thanks to the coordination of the management of the URACCAN Leadership School and the area of Humanities, Legal and Social Sciences, with the purpose of influencing the healthy growth of adolescents who are in secondary training.

Meissner also stated that "the boys prepare methodologies with themes of gender-based violence, psychological violence, drug use, maternal and parental responsibility, new masculinities, which will be addressed with the students of the Leadership School, and there are two groups that are working in Puerto Cabezas with the Normal School and the Public School."

Expectations of future sociologists

The students of the last year of Sociology explained that these talks motivate teenagers not to fall into the networks of these problems that could severely affect them, their families and society in general. "We developed the issue of motherhood and parenthood so that they can know what difficulties they could experience in case accidentally or negligently or by any situation in life become parents in adolescence," said college student Omar Coleman.

Coleman also assured that all of this would lead to these boys and girls playing an adult role, putting both physical and psychological growth and development at risk. "It's for them to open their minds and see what the consequences may be if they become parents at this stage of their lives," the college boy argued.

For her part, Paula Pineda, also a student of the 500 year of Sociology, stated that her group addressed the issue of legal and illegal drug use, "what is alcoholism, smoking; we share this issue because today in society there are many young people who are incorporated and making use of these illegal drugs, we made known what the consequences are so that they learn and do not fall into this vice."