Technological developments for learning and entrepreneurship

By: Jindriska Mayorga

The University of the Autonomous Regions of the Nicaraguan Caribbean Coast held the first "Expo Tech Community Day URACCAN", emphasizing the technological developments applicable to the career of Systems Engineering, in such a way that they generate significant learning in students and direct them towards innovation and entrepreneurship.   

Engineer Yesser Miranda, a professor at this Community and Intercultural University, explained that technological communities are made up of people with common goals, who feel the need to constantly update on science and technology.

"Communities function as a means of conveying knowledge to each other, where user experiences are eye-catching to share, sometimes when solving or addressing the problems of changing technologies, while allowing them to feel confident," said URACCAN educator.

Miranda added that the "main importance of communities is based on the creation and transmission of mutual knowledge, this is done through activities such as: talks, discussions, workshops and dynamics that cover most tools and topics in technologies".

For the teacher, community sharing has become necessary, because in these interactive spaces "you find people who manage to understand your ideas and what interests you, and can become necessary support to achieve a goal; this is achieved because in communities there are people who invest their time in an interest and are willing to support you solely with the goal of learning and sharing, which is why it is common to see help without a profit ahead."

In Nicaragua, the issue of technological communities is new. These arise as a need to develop ideas, from which entrepreneurship projects are created that encourage personal and social development.  

Teacher Ariel Chavarría, academic secretary of the Las Minas campus, motivated students to take advantage of the opportunity that URACCAN has given them, because not everyone has the privilege of sharing these spaces.

"You are a selected group, so you have to take advantage, because this allows you to strengthen the skills within your careers," the expert mused.