URACCAN promotes activities in commemoration of Black Heritage Month
Conversation about the history of Afro-descendant struggle.
Josselyn Flores

Celebration for the liberation of the last slaves in Bluefields, Pearl Lagoon and Corn Island

In commemoration of Black Heritage Month, URACCAN conducted a virtual conversational conversation highlighting the history of Afro-descendant struggle. "This is a very special month, as we celebrate the liberation of the last slaves in Bluefields, Pearl Lagoon and Corn Island," said Afro Commission Director MSc. Diana Aristhomenes.

The talk is part of a set of activities scheduled between URACCAN, from the Afro Commission, and the Regional Government. Among them are: radio talks, open virtual forums, among others, for the population to participate actively.

"We continue to plan with the Regional Government the methodology of all actions to be carried out during the month," she said, in responsible attention to the health crisis that is going through the world.

Inter-agency coordination

As part of the coordinations between URACCAN and the Regional Government, Black Heritage Month has been decreed and efforts have been joined to share with the Afro people about their own history.

The teacher reflected "that it is important to know who we are, and to be proud, for that we must know where we come from; knowing our roots is how we have strengthened this characteristic in us."

Promoting spaces of interculturality

URACCAN aims to strengthen unity among the Afro-descendant community, rescuing its ancestral traditions, history and roots.

Aristhomenes emphasizes that "this year-over-year holiday has created bonds of unity among the Afro-descendant population and is increasingly aware of its traditions."

"One example I like to rescue is about the Crab Festival they celebrate on Corn Island. We all knew about the feast, but not about the real reason, which is the emancipation of slavery, which also happened in Bluefields; that is why our people must know that we also had slaves, but that today we enjoy a physical liberation from that slavery."

"Our goal today is to free ourselves spiritually and mentally, to be aware that we are free, people with qualities, potentials, and opportunities that we must empower and continue to succeed."

Faced with the current context

In search of this goal, the teacher considers it important to continue promoting spiritual worship, teaching sessions on spirituality.

We promote culture with acts involving the community to participate, but this year, due to the situation we live in the pandemic, most of the activities will be carried out in a virtual way, making use of the different communicative resources that URACCAN has in the territory and its valuable interinstitutional relations and with sister organizations.