Vice-Chancellor of Las Minas, in accompanying visits to its university extensions
The visit to the Rosita, Bonanza and Waslala extensions is made to ensure the good running of teaching-learning processes.
José Garth Medina

The tour was done with the purpose of strengthening academic activities.

For two weeks, the vice-chancellor of the Las Minas compound, PhD. Angelica Ruiz Calderón, and the academic secretary of that campus, MSc. Sorayda Herrera Siles, visited the extensions of Bonanza, Rosita and Waslala to accompany their different academic areas and coordinations.

The Yaneth Sevilla master's degree, coordinator of Las Minas, said that in the accompanying process the vice-chancellor of URACCAN presented to the academic secretary, then they were in the area of Registration and then in the academic area to analyze the beginning of the second semester 2020.

In the extension of Bonanza, the university authorities conducted a conversation with each of the areas, to address specific aspects corresponding to academic life, assuming agreements to be tracked from the Academic Secretariat, coordination of the extension and Vice-Chancellor.  

To the accompanying visit to the university extension of Waslala was added the master's degree Sergio Rodríguez, to ensure the follow-up to the project "My farm, My company", aimed at young entrepreneurs from Waslala and financed by Sei So Frei, of Austria. With the academic area we saw how the extension, record, library, was worked through an evaluation meeting.

The processes of accompaniment to the three extensions have been carried out with the aim of strengthening the academic work and the projects that are executed in them, to ensure the good progress of the teaching-learning processes. Therefore, Vice-Chancellor works on these processes that ensure the timely institutional management from the territories, in articulation with the community.

This intercultural community university continues to operate its Mission and Vision to professionalize human talent on the Caribbean Coast, with a relevant education that contributes to the economic, social and cultural development of the region.