Young people from the Apprenticeship Initiative project begin training process
Msc. Silvan Fagan, director of the Graduate Tracking area, at the opening ceremony of the training workshop.
Josselyn Flores

Accompaniment to graduates to strengthen their professional performance

As part of the Apprenticeship Initiative project, implemented by the URACCAN Graduate Monitoring area, an opening ceremony of a training workshop entitled "Life Skills and Employability" was held on Monday.

This activity began with the participation of the 28 young people who were elected throughout the project implementation process, which seeks to increase the employability rate and give opportunities to apprenticeships; therefore, the commitment is to follow them up so that they can perform successfully in the various institutions and organizations that have been hired.

In this regard, the Msc. Silvan Fagan, Graduate Follow-up Coordinator, explained that "the idea is for them to start with good knowledge in terms of leadership, self-esteem, teamwork, important aspects that they should consider as professionals; they will also be trained on technical issues: in reporting and structuring work plans; these are some of the points where we intend to prepare the boys for a better outcome."

"We have a consulting group, who are leading the training, made up of a sign language specialist to care for young deaf people who are part of the training; also the facilitators of the subjects: the teacher Gladys Romero and the Ing. Justo Granja," Master Fagan reported, adding that among the selected apprentices are the indigenous, Afro-descendant and mixed-race peoples of the Caribbean Coast.

"We have garifuna, creoles, mayangnas, misty boys and half-breeds who are functioning as project apprentices."

Ensuring that training will reach all young people in other municipalities and communities, they were invited to make a virtual presence through a platform.

Job leadership

According to the theme, participants discussed leadership in the workplace. In this regard, the MSc. Gladys Romero explained that "this issue is very important in the life of every professional so emphasis was placed on what it means to be a leader and not a boss, about the responsibilities, characteristics and attitudes that a good leader should have."

"The participation of young people is excellent; from the outset they have demonstrated knowledge around the issue, both face-to-face and those that are via virtual channels."

Among the group's views, Denis Pravia said, "that a good leader is the one who knows how to lead, support, guide and organize the group that is under his responsibility."

Other content to be taught

In the field of personal growth, self-esteem and values will be addressed with them to develop responsibility and love of work. Another of the necessary topics to be taught is employability, which entails around labor planning, teacher Romero concluded.