URACCAN produces alcohol and chlorine
Photo courtesy URACCAN
Jindriska Mayorga Polanco

As part of the implementation of the CoVID-19 Safety Protocol, articulated by URACCAN, URACCAN authorities have guided the production of alcohol and chlorine from science laboratories for the prevention of coronavirus in the university community.

The process began at the URACCAN Waslala extension, where considerable amounts of these elements are being produced that are vital for hygiene.

Biologist José Milciades Castro, head of the "Bismark Lee" Science Laboratory, said the university is energing student safety and made the decision to produce its own hygiene products.

"The World Health Organization recommends that alcohol must be 70% pure, (in that sense) we have produced 8 liters in recycled containers because with the pandemic everything has gone up in price," Milciades said.

In addition, the biologist noted that each liter of alcohol is distributed by area for staff and students to use effectively, thus ensuring that the protocol worked by the university, which includes key elements based on the territorial realities of the Caribbean Coast, is followed.

This production will ensure the distribution of these materials in university locations as an important measure to prevent coronavirus infections.

For her part, the coordinator of this university extension, Rosidani Molina, stated that they made a general cleaning plan, to keep all areas clean and disinfected continuously as established by our security protocol.

In addition, he informed staff and student community that they have ordered more sinks to be built to ensure students have enough soap and chlorine for constant hand washing.

Other measures

Another prevention measures taken by the extension has been the application of alcohol at the main entrance of the enclosure "the security guard is in the gate applying alcohol to each person who enters the premises", emphasized the coordinator.

As part of the measures, it has been determined to avoid agglomeration. It is important to rule out that the student recess period has been segmented to ensure that this provision is effective.

Angela López Pérez, academic manager of the extension, said they have expanded classroom spaces."We have taken out of the classroom the desks that do not take care so that there is space and be able to make the estating of one meter per student."

Taking responsibility

The university as a responsible intercultural higher education institution has designed its own security protocol at the institutional level, following the recommendations oriented by the Ministry of Health.