URACCAN conducts evaluative session on activities planned in the 2020 POA
Activities are recorded in the URACCAN University Management System.
Judith Robleto

All areas participate in this process, to determine the level of compliance with budgeted activities.

The Administrative, Planning and Self-Assessment areas, with the participation of coordinators and area managers from URACCAN New Guinea, a working session is held to analyze the context of institutional planning involving budgeting.

In this sense, during the week each area of the campus works on the evaluation of activities developed and budgeted in the year, which are registered in the University Management System of this each of studies and that also allows to do an analysis and redirect activities if necessary.

In this regard, the PHD. Eugenio López Mairena, vice-chancellor of the venue, said that "we are doing evaluative review according to the activities raised in the operational plan embodied in SGU; which allows us to see how we will arrange for the last stage of the year and at the end of all the necessary evidence, to ensure that we have largely or 100 percent complied with the Annual Operational Plan."

In this sense, teacher Magda Martínez, administrator of the venue, said that "this is a participatory process that allows us to see how we are working as planned budgetly".

For the Planning Coordinator of the said campus, Master Yader Morales, this process responds to "the practice of collective construction that has been had in the New Guinean compound. According to Morales, the activity "develops an analysis of the planning and its budget, which implies that the coordinations review the progress of compliance with the activities of the Annual Operational Plan so far, but also what activities are missing from being fulfilled in the second semester and their level of articulation for compliance with them".

Activities such as the one presented, become consistent with what is raised in the institutional philosophy of URACCAN, where truly participatory and contextualized processes are carried out.