Sixth session of the Bilwi Campus University Council
Master Yulmar Montoya presented URACCAN editorial regulations to the CUR.
Neylin Calderon

Themes that contribute to URACCAN's institutional philosophy

During the sixth regular session of the University Council of the Campus (CUR) in Bilwi, the Editorial Line of Intercultural Communication and the Regulations of Organization and Operation of the Communication Laboratories of URACCAN, by the teacher Yulmar Montoya, director of the Institute of Intercultural Communication (ICI), was presented to the plenary, in addition to addressing other topics that contribute to the well-being of the institution.

As usual, these sessions begin by discussing the institutional philosophy of URACCAN, as a way of deepening with each work that is done from its work areas to contribute in the proper functioning and the way to go of the university, in this way the processes that solidify from this institution of intercultural higher education are fortified.

"Everything we do, from every space in which we are, must apply wisdom; in dealing with students, with colleagues and co-workers, because we are all the same," mused URACCAN Deputy Chancellor General Yuri Zapata.

Subsequently, the official appointment of Teacher Elebe Williams was made, as the new coordinator in the area of Social Sciences, Commercial Education and Law; similarly, engineer Gerardo Gutierrez was appointed as the coordinator of the area of Technology, Science and Environment.

During the presentation of Master Montoya, we discussed how for some years since URACCAN's ICI, the work of intercultural communication from each of the university territories has been consolidated through the articulation of works with the area of Institutional Disclosure and Communication Laboratories.

Also, through the Editorial Line of Intercultural Communication of URACCAN, communication spaces are sought to have an appropriate stylistic treatment, where it primarily enhances the name of the university, as an intercultural community higher education institution with a gender perspective.