URACCAN Las Minas and MINSA hold meetings between midwives and students of Intercultural Nursing
The midwives thanked URACCAN and MINSA for giving them the space to provide their ancestral knowledge.
Algiers Hernandez

Ensuring comprehensive training, in line with the regional context

URACCAN continues to promote the contributions of natural medicine on the Caribbean Coast, which is why it organized a meeting between midwives from the communities of Siuna and students of the Bachelor of Intercultural Nursing of the Las Minas campus. This was given in the framework of the celebration of the 26th Anniversary of URACCAN and the 33 years of Regional Autonomy.

Meeting of traditional and Western medicine

The MSc. Lilia Montoya, responsible for the career of Intercultural Medicine, stated that "at this meeting we are articulating two knowledges: traditional and Western. That means that students have to enter into ancestral knowledge and knowledge to serve our population and that is the vision of our university."

"Today's learning focuses on the humanized birth we project from college and from the Ministry of Health as a comprehensive care for women and children," said Teacher Montoya.

Traditional practices and knowledge

The midshipmen Isabel Palma García, from the Santo Domingo community, from the municipality of Siuna, said: "I am happy that the university and the MINSA take us into account for these exchanges of knowledge, also because month by month we train in the health center of the El Hormiguero community, to offer a better service to the community and the community".

Your experiences and challenges

Palma stated that, "as a matchmaker I am pleased that couples are looking for me to attend to childbirth, however we always promote maternal houses as an alternative to better serve women."

"In my years of experience, I have had to make bamboo knives to be able to cut the umbilical cord of the child, that is delicate, because it can become infected and you have to be careful, however, I have never had major complications with any woman, since the plants and tools that we use at the time of delivery are effective," Palma said.

Application of traditional medicine

"When we attend births that are already of time we give women: lemon leaves or root with chamomile, if she has vomit she is cinnamon and if she has weakness pepper is added, so that the woman grips strength, can eat and strengthen, but also applies essence and florid water," explained the parter.

Strengthening college students' knowledge

Student Wendy Mendoza, from the third year of Intercultural Nursing, said: "This exchange is going to fill us with new experiences, especially in the care of women and children, we prepare in the context of the Caribbean Coast and what midwives express is the reality with which we have to live as health servers."