URACCAN Las Minas at the V Ordinary Session of the CUR
MEMBERS of the CUR, in working session.
Jindriska Mayorga Polanco

Compliance analysis and strategy planning

This morning, at URACCAN Las Minas, the Fifth Ordinary Session of the University Council of Campus (CUR), the highest decision-making body in the territory, was held, where the work plan of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center "Kiulna" was presented, by coordinator Joel Montenegro.

The meeting began with the review of the agreements of the previous session of the CUR, followed by the analysis of the Mission and Vision of this house of higher education, to continue to meet the institutional objectives and strengthen the commitments that are made from the different areas and extensions of the Las Minas campus.

In this session, each of the areas presented progress in the actions and management they have developed during the month.

The CUR authorities disclosed the different activities scheduled for the coming months and urged participants to fulfill each of them with dedication and commitment.

Agenda items also addressed the context in which we encounter the COVID-19 pandemic and the measures the university has taken for the safety of staff and students. As a result, the consequences that this disease would bring to the country's economy and, in particular, to the municipality were analyzed.