Students of Intercultural Communication present project to the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Student of Intercultural Communication presenting radio project.
Jindriska Mayorga Polanco

Driving the student community

In order to make visible the work of the student community of URACCAN Las Minas, a group of young people from the Intercultural Communication career presented to the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship of this campus a radio program where university students are protagonists.

The initiative is named "Seeds of URACCAN", where it is intended to address various topics, from the profile of the different careers offered by URACCAN in Las Minas, to the different projects that this institution promotes in the region.

Student Darvin Martínez, representing his peers, said the space will provide students with information about the activities promoted from the university.

"This space is committed to the recognition of the active participation of university students, who develop in the different processes that, as results of their academic training, are carried out in field work, entrepreneurship and innovation projects, educational fairs, among other significant actions that also have social effects," said the young entrepreneur.

The proposed radio program is one hour and will be dynamic and interactive, including expert visits on certain topics, radio productions such as vignettes, special reports, among others.

The initiative was presented to the director of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Centre, Victor Zúniga; Radio director URACCAN Siuna, Gilberto Artola; and the President of the Student Government, Felix Aráuz. In the activity was present the coordinator of that career, Lilia Montoya Leal, and the teacher Ada Madrigal, who tracked the proposal of the students until the time of their presentation.