URACCAN Bluefields campus students continue to be in pre-defense process
One of the high schoolers during the pre-defense of his monographic thesis.
Josselyn Flores

Students continue to professionally

At URACCAN Bluefields precinct, students continue to be in the process of pre-defense; that is why Angela Calero and Cruz Pérez, from the career of Sociology with mention in Autonomy, presented to the jury their monographic thesis "Social impact of family disintegration on children of sector four, Loma Fresca neighborhood, Bluefields RACCS", under the mentorship of the teacher Ana Chow Taleno.

In this regard, the graduate Narda Wilson, coordinator of the Humanities area, explained the hard work they have had in the process of moving forward with the research of the finalist students, who are being presented satisfactorily.

"Based on these pre-defenses that we have been achieving from the academic area of Humanities, we are satisfied and happy because despite the context that the country is currently experiencing our students of URACCAN are taking another step to professionalize and contribute to the development of our region," she explained.

Commitment to quality higher education

The work of this house of intercultural higher education in quality teaching and the spaces occupied by professionals who arise from it, has been recognized by the costña population.

Faced with this, the Wilson licensee stated that "the population knows of the work of this university, in the contribution to society; that's why we continue to work hand in hand with students, but always ensuring their well-being with each of the preventive health measures."

Follow-up to finalists

As part of the university's commitment to ensuring the scientific development of its university community, teachers and coordinators accompany the study processes of the finalists.

According to the academic coordinator, "in this way we respond to students being able to advance and culminate in their academic research."