URACCAN, from the Waslala Extension Science Laboratory, manufactures hygiene and disinfection products
This Laboratory, in addition to the manufacture of products, allows students to carry out their internships and professionalize.
Ricardo Guzmán

Fulfilling Your Vision and Mission

As part of the biosecurity protocol promoted by Dr. Alta Hooker, rector of URACCAN, the Las Minas Campus Science Laboratory and its University Extension of Waslala have manufactured hygiene and disinfection products, such as: 70% alcohol, solid soaps and sodium hypochlorite at different concentrations, reducing the risks of COVID-19 contagion and other diseases , as well as lower procurement costs and ensure the availability of products for any educational community.

The head of the Waslala extension Science Laboratory, Ing. José Milciade Castro Fornos, assured that it, in addition to executing actions specific to the health protocol, also functions as a space for student practices and research, complying with the URACCAN Pedagogical Model, which is oriented to the quality and educational relevance, taking into account the multi-ethnic context of the Caribbean Coast.

Mr. Castro also explained that, once the product was made, they tested their quality in the same laboratory, so that, when used in the day-to-day cleaning and disinfection of the extension, it would be effective in the struggle to protect the university community.

URACCAN, through these actions gives full fulfillment to its Vision and Mission, because it manages and affects the health and professionalization of its students and, with it, the development with identity of indigenous peoples, Afro-descendants and mestizos of the Caribbean Coast of Nicaragua, while promoting a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship.