National Agrarian University joins pro-URACCAN solidarity samples
UNA Vice-Chancellor General: "Tell URACCAN that you are not alone. Together and together we will be able to get up."
Ricardo Guzmán

Ing. Sediles: "We are committed to continuing to support our beloved URACCAN"

"We were able to observe the enormous environmental damage, the enormous damage to communities and, of course, the enormous damage to URACCAN's infrastructure and livelihoods, but we were also able to observe, and it filled us with great pride, example and great motivation the commitment that the URACCAN authorities, their workers and students are taking up , despite the heavy blow, the task of reconstruction and academic service," said the rector of the National Agrarian University (UNA), Ing. Alberto Sediles Jaen, as he presented himself to the Liaison Office with a significant show of solidarity: 232 zinc sheets and 2,700 sweets.

This valuable donation, which is undoubtedly fundamental to the rehabilitation of URACCAN, represents the efforts of UNA authorities, administrators, teachers and students, as reported by its rector, who was accompanied by teacher Ivette Sánchez Mendeoroz, vice-chancellor general of UNA.

"On behalf of the UNA educational community, we are here today to show our solidarity in the face of the enormous damage that our beloved URACCAN suffered from the onslaughts of Hurricanes Eta and Iota, in the hope that it will be useful to continue feeding that recovery process and that URACCAN will soon have the capabilities with which it was already installed before earthquakes , all for the benefit of this great work it does for the people of Nicaragua," said Ing. Sediles.

URACCAN authorities in the Liaison Office received this valuable show of solidarity and, on behalf of Dr. Alta Hooker, expressed deep appreciation and commitment for continuing to work for families on the Caribbean Coast.  

In addition, the rector of UNA asserted that during his accompanying trip to Bilwi (in the first week of December), together with a committee of rectors and rectors of UNC member universities, where they were received by Dr. Alta Hooker, they were able to see URACCAN's significance for communities on the Caribbean Coast.  

In this sense, the rector stated that "we as ONE want to give this grain of sand to help this great process of reconstruction of our beloved URACCAN, so that it continues to provide that indispensable support to education, science, technology, innovation and entrepreneurship for the benefit of the Costacan people".

For her part, the Vice-Chancellor General sent a message of hope and optimism to the URACCAN educational community and, mainly to Rector Hooker, who has been at the forefront of this process motivating this whole institution to work in unity and succeed.

Similarly, teacher Sánchez Mendeoroz emphasized that UNA has 113 of its students volunteering on the North Caribbean Coast. "Tell URACCAN that you are not alone. Together and together we're going to be able to get up. Through them (volunteers) we have been able to realize the great difficulties that the region is going through and the great needs facing URACCAN. Here we are, present in this emergency," he concluded.