URACCAN Bluefields enclosure fires its graduates from the area of Education Sciences
The graduates of English and Sociology expressed deep pride in being trained in this house of higher education.
Josselyn Flores

Commitment to continue their training and community service

With great affection and emotion, the area of Education Sciences and Languages of URACCAN Bluefields enclosure dismissed its graduates from the careers of English and Spanish Language and Literature, through a conviviality in which also participated the academic authorities of this campus, coordination and teachers of the area.

With dances, singing and possessing, the young graduates shared a pleasant moment remembering the academic and community experiences lived in these years that they shared together in the classrooms of URACCAN.

The academic secretary of the venue, teacher Heidi Guillén, began the activity, congratulating students on the achievement of having successfully completed the vocational training process, which they must continue to strengthen every day for the good of Caribbean families.

"Today concludes this stage, but your research work is coming, you continue to be part of URACCAN, first of all, to thank you for these five years you were with us full of challenges and sacrifices, especially those who come from the communities," Guillén said.

We thank you for selecting this your Intercultural Community University to professionalize, and here we will continue to accompany you at each stage that you still lack until you reach the graduation event.

Also, the area coordinator, MSc. Marbella Jirón, stated that "today, the entire faculty of Education Sciences are happy for this meeting with the finalists of the English and Sociology careers, where our main goal is to share the experiences of our student life here at URACCAN; what we want is for our students to feel at ease, to feel that at the end of their career as a family we continue to support them."