URACCAN is well represented by its students in the League of Knowledge program
"We are proud of the performance they have done today," said Bluefields deputy-chancellor MSc. Diala Lopez.
Noel Aguilera

Promoting education relevant to the regional context

Students from different careers proudly represented URACCAN in the League of Knowledge, which was held in the city of Bluefields, competing against Bluefields Indian & Caribbean University (BICU), the latter being the venue for the event.

Teacher Diala López explained that "as a community and intercultural university it is the first time we have participated with our students in the League of Knowledge program. Student participation is very important as it is an educational program, so there is an exchange of knowledge; have been sharing knowledge about our Caribbean Coast, about climate, regional process, we reach not only the Costaña society, but we are coming to the country, to Nicaraguans with that information."

According to López this platform that serves to publicize the history, the natural riches, the beauties that the region has, so it is enjoyable and enriching for the participants and the Nicaraguan people, "we are proud of the performance they have performed today", he said.

In the competition space between the two universities, the URACCAN Bluefields venue won in scoring successful responses. Participants were extended their respective recognitions.

The students who represented URACCAN are: Keydi Pineda, Intercultural Communication; Lygia Peralta, Sociology with mention in Autonomy; Shelomi Sambola, Education Sciences with mention in English; Michael Fajardo, Administrative Informatics; and Luis Solano of Agroforestry Engineering.

According to Keydi Pineda, it was "a nice experience. It helps you to soak up topics of the Caribbean Coast: its history, cultures, regional process. Being in these environments, where you can talk about your Caribbean Coast with so much honor and pride, is great."

Participation dynamics

This event was under the position of Mario Valle, educational director of that program, who referred to that "we are here for the second time in Bluefields with the League of Knowledge, we are very happy, in a gigantic effort with our sister universities, URACCAN and BICU. Shayra Downs, president of the Regional Council and the Ministry of Education, met to plan the two programs, which were recorded in the BICU auditorium."

For this edition of the League of Knowledge, high schools of the municipality also participated. In the morning, the competition was between schools, and in the afternoon among the universities mentioned. Among the middle schools that participated, stand out: Colegio Cristiano Verbo, Colegio San Marcos, Instituto 30 de Octubre, Colegio Moravo.

Valle said that "the companions of URACCAN and BICU were excellent; young people know of their roots, customs and laws that govern them around autonomy."

It should be mentioned that this is not a competition where there is a winner and loser, but a space that is created with the aim of that young people spend a pleasant moment, where they can learn from each other.

From classrooms, URACCAN contributes to the appropriation of knowledge and knowledge about cultural identity, the regional process and other topics relevant to regional development, always incentiving to fall in love with the roots to which each of its students belongs, which was evident through this participation, where it is clear the role it has been playing since its model of intercultural community education.