Institutional Strategic Plan

By: Judith Robleto

With the accompaniment of the coordinations of the Institutional Planning and Evaluation area of the URACCAN New Guinea campus, working sessions are held to collectively build the baseline of the Institutional Strategic Plan (PEI 2015-2019), which will address a set of indicators as a reference framework to guide the path of the new process of the Institutional Life Plan with a gender intercultural approach.

URACCAN Strategic Planning is a tool for organizational management strengthening, in such a way that it becomes a mechanism of implementation, analysis, monitoring and evaluation for the search for relevance in the framework of quality.

SessionFor its operation, it consists of functions of the institutional functions of URACCAN, Community of Learning, Creation and Recreation of Knowledge Knowledge and Practices, Accompaniment and Community Social Incidence, Intercultural Management and Communication for Institutional Development and Cooperation, Solidarity and National and International Complementarity.

According to the methodological document for the construction of the PEI URACCAN baseline; "This construction process aims to understand evaluation as an ongoing process where lessons learned are a mechanism for achieving desired results, so baseline analysis will be established as a key tool for the development of the new strategic plan."

The working sessions are carried out by teams that are part of the institutional functions, which allows greater socialization in the analysis of results and approaches of new proposals.