URACCAN denies false news about COVID-19 case at New Guinea precinct
Image played through fake profile on Facebook.

The University of the Autonomous Regions of the Nicaraguan Caribbean Coast (URACCAN) publicly denies the image (fake new) that malicious people circulated through a fake Facebook account, where they present a person who allegedly faints by COVID-19 in front of the main gate of the New Guinea campus, with the aim of discrediting us and causing disorder among our student community.

The post was made through Tere Mena's Facebook profile and, in addition to being terribly written, does not offer further details of the event, but aims to alarm the university community irresponsiblely. There is also no follow-up on the case, if they were people whose intention was to inform and protect new Guinea's youth.

The case is a well-known lady in the municipality, who presents mental problems and who intended to enter the compound violently and making a fuss, so some students, administrative and surveillance staff helped take her to the hospital to be treated clinically.

URACCAN invites its students, in all its enclosures and extensions, mainly on the New Guinea campus, to remain calm and act sensibly, as they have done to this day. It also urges the university community to be part of the solution, not the problem, because only by being responsible and supportive can we prevent COVID-19 and other problems facing our Caribbean Coast.

Our Intercultural Community University relies on the sanity of our young people, who have always shown noble citizenship and great desire for academic improvement. Likewise, URACCAN appreciates the trust that our university students have placed their higher education institution.