CINE-FORO on gender equity in relationships
Internal students of URACCAN Bluefields venue during the cinema-forum, taking health measures.
Josselyn Flores

Transforming from education

Within the framework of the Decolonization and Depatriarhoralization project for Transformation from Education, implemented by CEIMM-URACCAN, a cinema-forum was held under the theme "Violence and Romantic Love", with the participation of the internal students of the Bluefields venue.

The university students reflected on the theme identified through exhibitions and dynamics. According to Valia Sevilla, territorial technique of the CEIMM-Bluefields and facilitator of the cinema-forum, the activity was carried out "with the aim of promoting a space of reflection and dialogue for mutual learning towards the experiences of each of them".

Similarly, Seville assured that the content presented addressed "themes about the myths and belief of romantic love and violence in relationships, so that boys could come to analyze all those ideas that have taught us in our environment about what love is and how girls can become wrong and create vulnerability by being in unhealthy relationships or violent relationships".

These spaces seek to strengthen the education of university youth on gender equity issues. According to the CEIMM-URACCAN technique, "we also aim to generate critical thinking in boys and to be agents of change in their community and personal life."

Accompaniment to students

As part of the student welfare accompaniment to internal students, the culture promoter of that area, Axell Molina, was present, who explained that "we as Student Welfare coordinate with each of the institutions that are within the premises to involve our young people and that they are profiling themselves to different topics; this time with THEC was a very useful activity for them, as it is necessary for young people to know about their rights."

Student reflections

Internal students were motivated by the theme of the cinema-forum. Young Analy, from the career of Psychology, stated that "Contributing to the change of a society is everyone's job, knowing these issues I can help someone who is experiencing a situation of violence, providing information and advice."

Similarly, Manuel Taleno, a third-year student in Agroforestry Engineering, stressed the importance of participating in issues related to his rights and gender equity. "We were given knowledge of how to behave in the future with our relationships as a couple, so as not to become means of violence and not to let ourselves fall into situations of violence," says the young university student.