Bilwi CUR analyzes COVID-19 context and Law Obligations 704
Neylin Calderon

Topics that contribute to institutional advancement and education with relevance

Members of the Bilwi Campus University Council (CUR) participated in the fourth regular session, which was attended by URACCAN Rector Dr. Hooker Blandford.

Preventive measures from the security protocol to Covid-19

According to Enrique Cordón, PhD, vice-chancellor of the Bilwi venue, the session aimed to contextualize each of the participants on the current situation of the Covid-19 pandemic, a presentation by Dr. Ivania López, coordinator of the area of Health Sciences at URACCAN.

From this university campus, health prevention and protection measures have been implemented, as part of the institutional security protocol. "It is important that we ensure estating, because by being in touch we are talking and the dispersion of liquids by saliva is one of the main means of transmission, so we are requiring members of the university community to address this prevention measure," the official explained.

In addition, visits in classrooms and assemblies with officials and officials of the URACCAN, with the authorities of the university, spaces in which the use of masks has been explained and encouraged, the constant use of sinks recently installed with permanent soap and water, as well as the application of alcohol in dispensers , placed in access points for students and staff, in the same way, the continuous daily disinfection of buses, which are used for the transfer of the university community.

Advances in Institutional Strategic Planning

In addition, the CUR learned about the advancement of the obligations that the university is ensuring under Law 704, "The Creator Law of the National System for quality assurance of education and regulator of the National Council of Evaluation and Accreditation (CNEA)", a topic addressed by the MSc. Yader Galo, coordinator of the Institutional Evaluation area of the Bilwi Campus.

During the meeting, generalities of the approach of the next institutional strategic planning for the period 2021–2030 were known. "So far, reflection has been given to the guidelines and objectives, which must continue to be deepened with the entire university community," Cordón said.